Palamós, mediterranean life

That’s the simplest way to describe Palamós, where the sea is omnipresent and ever-present. We’re not talking just about the physical, geographical sea but about the sea of the soul, the sea in all its splendour. The sea has defined the personality of the town and its inhabitants – it has written their history, it has provided meaning and a sense of vocation to their work, it has given character to their cuisine and colour and form to the landscape where they live.

We always feel the presence of the sea at Palamós – a sea that is always there, throughout the year. The warm summer sea on impeccable beaches of fine sand that has been refined by the waves over the years. The sea that has sculptured the rocks to offer us little beaches and idyllic, hidden-away coves of emerald green, that has moulded the coast to make it wild and true to its name of the “Costa Brava”. The sea of gentle springtime next to the water, which has given life, name and colour to the region’s vegetation and wildlife. The romantic autumn sea that takes on a spectacular red hue as the days start to drawn in. The winter sea, when the north Tramuntana wind blows, when it’s time to come together and listen to habaneras – songs of seafarers and fishermen – around the comforting flame rising from a pan of rom cremat (burnt rum).

The sea has always been – and will always be – central to Palamós as a town. Fishing, boats, beaches, the wind and the food…everything at Palamós bears the stamp, the aroma and the colour of the sea.

And behind the town is the surrounding area of Empordà. An authentic little “country”, which Ancient Greece, at the height of its prosperity, gave the name Emporion.A land that is rich in variety, fascinating, full of life, of traditions and history that begin at the sea and head inland towards fields of wheat, towards cork oak and holm oak groves…rich, extensive. The Empordà of Salvador Dalí-like dreams, of spontaneous decisions, of whimsical thoughts, of impulses, and of the northerly wind (known as the “Tramuntana”). A genuine gift for the senses of those who live or visit.

Such is the area that surrounds Palamós – the sea, in essence, at its most spectacular.

Here, in the very heart of the Costa Brava, at the foot of the coastal mountain range of Les Gavarres, in the unbeatable setting of inland Empordà – warm and authentic – you too can feel like the sea. Palamós – it will fill you with unforgettable feelings and memories.

Welcome to Palamós, to Mediterranean Life!



From Barcelona:

Toll Motorway AP7 exit 9 direction to Palamós – Sant Feliu de Guíxols.
Take dual carriageway C-31 with connection C-65.

From France:

Toll Motorway AP7 exit 6 direction to Palamós – La Bisbal d’Empordà.
Take county road C-66 with connection to C-31.


SARFA (Group Movenis), provides regular bus service from Barcelona, Girona or Caldes de Malavella and other towns:

Direct service to Palamós: Yes
Consult timetables

From Barcelona: Bus station Barcelona Nord Trip duration: 2h

From Girona: Bus station Girona SL Trip duration: 1h 15min

From Caldes de Malavella: Train station Trip duration: 1h 10min


RENFE, offers regular train service from Barcelona, Figueres and from other towns.
Consult timetables

Direct service to Palamós: No
Train: MD or Regional
Nearest stop: Caldes de Malavella or Girona
Trip duration: 1h 15min
Connection: Bus Sarfa direction Palamós 



Company: Sarfa (july and august)
Consult timetables
Destination: Bus and train station in Girona
Trip duration: 15min
Connection: Sarfa bus and RENFE train


Company: RENFE cercanías
Consult timetables
Destination: Sants station
Trip duration: 20 min
Connection: RENFE