A good way to find out about the region’s cuisine is to try the variety of dishes on offer at the gastronomic fairs that are held throughout the year.

Menu de la Gamba “Prawn Menu” (May and July)

The prawn menu is organised by the “Plat Blau” Association of Restaurants of the Bay, which includes restaurants from Palamós, Calonge i Sant Antoni and Vall-llobrega that offer the Gamba de Palamós certified guarantee mark.

The beautiful, red-coloured prawns landed every day by Palamós’ fishermen have an excellent flavour and texture. Besides prawns, the Menu de la Gamba includes toast and anchovies and an excellent dish of sautéed noodles.

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Palamós welcomes the spring with the “This spring have a vermouth in Palamós! We are waiting for you” campaign.

The municipality’s taverns and bars offer a taster of vermouth with a tapa at affordable prices.

This plan is intended to encourage people to walk around the town and enjoy its streets at a time with ideal weather, and so as well as the shops and terraces, it features live music in the squares and shopping streets on Sunday mornings, with fixed and itinerant two- and three-pieces providing musical accompaniment for the campaign.

This campaign is organised by the municipal Department of Economic Promotion and Tourism in collaboration with the Association for Trade and Tourism Business Development in Palamós (FECOTUR) and the Association of Taverns, Restaurants and Nightlife of Palamós.


This themed event is based on Gamba de Palamós prawns, the star product of the municipality and of the Costa Brava. This fair publicises the culinary and gastronomic potential of prawns and in particular celebrates their extraordinary quality, which is certified by the Gamba de Palamós certified guarantee mark.

Visit the fishing harbour in Palamós and try different gastronomic ideas featuring Palamós prawns, prepared by the town’s restaurants and taverns. You can also discover and try products from the area, buy fish at the wholesale market and take part in different activities to discover fishing and fish cookery.

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A month of gastronomy and culture under the name of Palamós Gastronòmic. This includes various days celebrating the gastronomy of Palamós in all of its areas, revealing all of its offer. Try local products, experience cooking with the best chefs and enjoy all of this with your family. During Palamós Gastronòmic, restaurants and taverns invite you to follow the tapas or small dishes route, where customers can choose the best tapa or small dish with their votes and comments. As well as the range of gastronomic activities, there are also leisure and cultural activities.


MENÚ DEL ESCAMARLÀ “Dublin Bay Prawn Menu” (from October to December)

The langoustine menu is organised by the “Plat Blau” Association of Restaurants of the Bay, which includes restaurants from Palamós, Calonge i Sant Antoni and Vall-llobrega.
The stars of this menu are the exquisite Dublin Bay prawns, served with dishes that perfectly combine the perfection of seafood and mountain produce.

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Only in a setting as natural as Palamós can there exist a product such as Palamós Prawns (Gambas de Palamós), found in the secret depths of the Mediterranean.

Their reddish body, their firm texture, their freshness and their incomparably exquisite flavour, make Palamós Prawns a unique, intimate and inexplicable pleasure. Order them by their name – “Palamós Prawns”.

The incomparable quality of Palamós Prawns also applies to the finest varieties of fresh fish that are brought in to the fish market every afternoon. The very best place to sample the fish is at one of the extensive list of restaurants in Palamós. The pleasure of enjoying the best products of the Mediterranean is brought to diners’ tables via the expert hands of the Costa Brava’s finest chefs.

Nobody knows more about – or cares more about – Palamós Prawns than the members of the Confraria de Pescadors de Palamós (Palamós Fishermen’s Guild). Their long maritime tradition gives them a certain legitimacy in the art of fishing, as is often the case when a profession is handed down from generation to generation.

That is why the “Gamba de Palamós Marca de Garantia” (Palamós Prawns Guarantee) is a recognition of their daily work and skill in making sure the prawns continue to be of the highest quality.


The “Gamba de Palamós” Guarantee Stamp

The stamp guarantees that the prawns that reach customers maintain the same high level of quality: an excellent taste, an unmistakable aroma, an attractive appearance and an unbeatable freshness. The high quality is achieved by applying strict rules in the fishing process and in how the prawns are handled throughout the distribution chain, as well as a thorough control of temperature (of between 0º and 4ºC) from when the prawns leave the sea to when they reach the final consumer. The whole process is controlled by the guarantee stamp certification committee.

Only this stamp guarantees that the prawns are Palamós Prawns:



L’Espai del Peix”, a gastronomic experience that forms part of the Fishing Museum where you can learn how to identify, prepare and cook fish, from the point of view of traditional seafood cuisine. There are courses, show-cooking, workshops and tastings of typical fish dishes.



Palamós’ more than 70 restaurants offer visitors an extensive and varied cuisine with something to suit all tastes and budgets – establishments of every kind, serving dishes of the day, daily menus, tapas, the best à la carte menus offering innovative cuisine, traditional home dishes or authentic fisherman’s fare.